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Welcome to the Next Generation of Real Estate Management. Our REMS software is made to make property management easier, help real estate experts, and improve tenant experiences. Thanks to our advanced technology, you can easily handle properties, keep an eye on finances, and communicate with tenants better than ever before. Discover the future of real estate management today.

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Lead Management

Lead management is the systematic approach to capturing, tracking, and nurturing potential customers, guiding them through the sales process to drive conversions and sales success. It involves organizing and optimizing leads to maximize sales efficiency and revenue growth.


WhatsApp Automation

WhatsApp Marketing Automation is the use of automated tools and systems to enhance and optimize marketing campaigns on the popular messaging platform, WhatsApp. It involves leveraging features such as chatbots, drip campaigns, and personalized messaging to engage with users, nurture leads, and drive customer acquisition and retention.


Instant New Lead Alerts

Instant New Lead Alerts provide real-time notifications to businesses whenever a new lead is generated. This enables businesses to promptly follow up with potential customers, improving response times and increasing the chances of conversion.

Engage your lead Instantly

Engage your lead instantly with timely and personalized communication, enhancing the chances of conversion. By responding promptly and effectively, you can build stronger customer relationships and drive higher sales success.

Advanced Features

sales automation

Sales Automation

Automate your sales, establish numerous rules, assign and reassign leads, and generate a variety of data, including sales forecast and lead source performance, among others.

Marketing Automation

Using our one-window solution services that we have created for you, you can expand your company and manage your marketing and sales on autopilot across many platforms.

marketing automation
call automation

Call Automation

An automated, contemporary method of managing your leads that produces no lead spillage and improved business growth. From CRM, dial.

Digital Marketing

All of your social media campaigns should generate leads. Increase lead conversion and communication by implementing digital marketing automation.

Software Brief:

This software is enable to so many powerfull featurs and you can take your business on automade mode 15 min.

Our Approach To Automate Human Problems so humans can focus on better things autoresponderz is an intuitive and modern platform to automate tasks so teams can focus on more productive work.

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Capture, assemble and organize leads from various
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Respond your Enquiries instantly & make a great 2 first impact. One step ahead of your competitors

Automated Drip SMS Follow-up Series to keep your
leads engaged throughout your sales process